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MGM Grand Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas

MGM Grand Hotel at Sunrise

This Image shows how bright the Las Vegas summer sun can be as it hits the reflective glass on the MGM Grand Hotel. I took this Photo from the top floor of the MGM parking garage as the sun was rising over the eastern mountain range of the Las Vegas Valley. My original thought was to take this image from ground level at sunrise but there was too much clutter from the parking garage so I quickly went up the 6 story MGM self parking garage using the back stair case. The view from the top floor of the MGM self parking garage is pretty intense and I must have taken about 100 pictures from all angles as the sun shows its strength on reflective glass. MGM Security must have saw me up there and sent a Bike Patrol to see what my intentions where. The Security was very understanding about my intentions and was also impressed on the view. Copyright© 2010 - 2013. All rights reserved